• Hangin' with Hachiko!
  • かんぱい!
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Members of the 501st Legion’s Japanese Garrison and the Rebel Legion’s Japan Base, were kind enough to invite me to happy hour in Shibuya, Tokyo. We discussed our favorite topic: Star Wars while tipping back a few beers at one of the izakaya bars in Shibuya. Afterwards, we were able to take a photo in front of Hachiko’s statue. Hachiko was an Akita who was known for his remarkable loyalty to his master. Every day, Hachiko waited for his master to return from working, in front of the Shibuya train station. Unfortunately, Hachiko’s master suffered a brain hemorrhage and died. Despite his master’s passing, Hachiko continued to wait in front of the train station…for 9 years. Hachiko’s statue is just outside of the Shiubya station and is a popular photography/meeting spot.

Thank you to my new Rebel & Imperial friends in Japan & Singapore, this is a special memory for me. I hope to meet you all again next year!