• Let's do this!
  • We were able to meet Lord Vader himself: David Prowse!
  • Dad is ready for battle
  • Fellow dark siders!
  • The girls met their favorite fuzzball.
  • Doing some recon on the droids
  • On the Tantive IV with C3PO and R2
  • Another Tatooine local...Watto
  • Gets hot on Tatooine, must stay hydrated
  • Disney princesses...blast 'em!
  • My co-worker came to support the troops!
  • We didn't want to leave :(
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We attended AwesomeCon in Washington DC on June 5th, 2016. It was an amazing experience! Tons of stars from comics, TV, and the big screen! Also some very talented artists showcasing their work. 1 day simply wasn’t enough to pack in all of the fun. We will definitely be back next year!

Costume: Sandtrooper